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LONGSBS Join Stock Company is established in October 10, 2012 with the key members trained in the leading universities and companies in Japan. We are still growing up with supply capacity and product diversity to meet customers’ demands with the criteria: Fast Service, More Safe, More Exact, Best Price

Our salesmen are the technical engineers, so we not only do business but also consult all problems relating to the product from design, installation to using process and maintenance.

LONGSBS is distributing a wide range of product including:

  • Valves of Showa, Niigata, Kyeoi (Japan), Controlli, L.C.M, Te-sa, Teco (Italy), 4E(USA)
  • Expansion and Flexible Joint & Hose: NFK, Toaflex – Japan, Macoga- Spain
  • Chiller: Ebara (Japan)
  • Cooling Tower: Ebara-Shinwa (Japan)
  • Pump: Ebara(Japan), Tsurumi (Japan), Dukji (Korea)
  • Loading Arm: Niigata (Japan)
  • Floating roof drain system: Niigata (Japan)

Process of establishment

- Place of establishment: Hanoi, Vietnam
- Process of establishment:

  • Founded in October 2012, LONGSBS VIETNAM Co., Ltd, specialized in wholesaling handicraft products to Japan market
  • In June 2014 we officially joined the field of supplying equipments and materials for construction, water supply - drainage system and Industrial.
  • In May 2019 LONGSBS was transformed from a one-member limited liability company to a joint stock company (LONGSBS VIETNAM JSC)